Ogilvy & Mather Japan: WWF Japan

Campaign: Tale of the Northern End

Campaign: Tale of the Northern End

Client: WWF Japan
WPP company: Ogilvy & Mather, Japan

Ogilvy & Mather Japan and WWF jointly developed and launched ‘Tale of the Northern End’, a website aimed at increasing awareness of global warming.

The website updates readers on the plight of the polar bear, potentially vulnerable to extinction due to the effects of global warming. It encourages the viewers to become a member or send a donation to WWF to support their climate change work.

Three months after the site was launched, 300 people signed up to the campaign and donated ¥2 million (£13,500). In the first five months 20,000 people visited the website.

The pro bono work was worth around ¥10 million (£65,000).