MediaCom Australia: RSPCA

Campaign: Raising awareness of the RSPCA’s work

Client: RSPCA
WPP companies: The Campaign Palace and MediaCom, Australia

The Campaign Palace created a series of hard-hitting ads and MediaCom secured free media space for a pro bono campaign to increase support and donations for the RSPCA.

The ads profile the many cases where RSPCA support has benefited owners as well as their pets. For example, nearly 57% of domestic abuse victims delay seeking help because they fear their pet will get harmed. The RSPCA will look after these pets so the women can get the help they need.

The campaign has won several creative awards and and earned the agencies recognition of outstanding achievement at the annual RSPCA ball. The campaign has not only increased donations but equally importantly, has successfully shown the general public that the RSPCA does more than look after animals. The ads powerfully highlight the fact that the RSPCA is also people-based, running programs that assist victims of domestic violence, people suffering with mental health issues, and the elderly.