BDGworkfutures UK: The Whitechapel Mission

Campaign: Supporting the homeless in London

Client: The Whitechapel Mission
WPP company: BDGworkfutures, UK

BDGworkfutures recently produced a booklet for the Whitechapel Mission which provides practical support to the poor and homeless in London.

The Mission works in two ways. There is ‘band aid’ work: for five hours every morning the Mission opens for breakfast, enabling people to get a meal, a wash and a shave, and stock up on clean clothing.

It also runs a Life Skills Centre providing practical support to help homeless people find long-term accommodation. Increasingly, the people arriving at the Mission are in their teens and early 20s, are ex-servicemen, or non-English-speaking immigrants. The Mission helps them make phone calls to the authorities, apply for benefits, sort out discrepancies over bills or other financial issues and access medical care.

The booklet uses striking images of real people who come to the centre. It explains the challenges facing the Whitechapel Mission and the positive impact of its work. Most of the Mission’s funding comes from private donations and the book will help raise awareness of its work among potential donors.

The project was a collaborative effort between BDGworkfutures, Clare Dowdy (a journalist who provided free copy), Allen & Overy (print) and Why Design (graphics).