Grey Amsterdam and Mindshare: Unilever (NL)

Campaign: Becel pro-activ

Client: Unilever (NL)
WPP companies: Grey, Amsterdam and Mindshare

Before they reach the menopause, women generally have lower cholesterol levels than men. After the menopause around 50% of women will have higher cholesterol levels and this can have an impact on their health.

Grey Amsterdam and Mindshare developed a communications program to raise awareness of the issue and promote the benefits of Unilever’s Becel Pro-activ dairy products which can help lower cholesterol.

The campaign ran in two phases. In the first phase Grey created TV, radio, print ads and direct mailings which used the comedienne Karin Bloemen to discuss the issue in a sympathetic, tongue-in-cheek way. The ads encouraged women to visit a website run by Care for Women, an organisation of self-employed nurses focusing on the health of women in the menopause. The site contains information about cholesterol and gives women the chance to book a cholesterol check with a Care for Women consultant. During the second phase, which also featured Karin Bloeman, adverts emphasised that Becel Pro-activ can help to tackle high cholesterol.

The results were very positive: 80% of Dutch women now know that there is a direct link between the menopause and cholesterol levels, up from 42% at the start of the campaign. Sales of the product grew around 11-12% per month.