Selecting preferred suppliers

WPP’s Global Procurement Policy contains ethical and environmental criteria which our Group procurement teams use in supplier selection and management.

We thoroughly evaluate companies against a set of business requirements before they can become a preferred supplier. These include assurance of supply, quality, service, cost, innovation and CR. We do not have a standard weighting for each criteria and they may vary from project to project.

As part of this process we ask potential suppliers to complete a simple five-point CR questionnaire to raise awareness and make our requirements clear:

  • Policy
    Does your company have a CR policy?
  • Responsibility
    Is a senior executive (or executives) responsible for CR performance?
    Does your company have a CR manager or equivalent?
  • Key issues
    Please identify the environmental issues most relevant to your company.
    Please identify the social issues most relevant to your company (social issues include employment, health & safety and community).
  • Reporting
    Does your company publish a CR report?
  • Supply chain
    Does your company have a process for implementing CR standards in its supply chain?

In 2008, all existing and new preferred suppliers in Asia Pacific, France, Spain, the UK and US completed our CR questionnaire. In the US we also incorporate CR criteria into our standard Group supply contract terms and conditions.