Environmental management

We manage energy use centrally as part of our climate change reduction program. Other environmental issues are managed by our operating companies, some of which operate accredited environmental management systems. For example, BDGworkfutures has achieved certification to international standard ISO 14001.

In their own words

Lawrence Baxter, Chief Information Officer, Y&R Brands

I was asked to be a climate champion in 2006, when WPP launched their global climate change strategy. Since then, we have realised that everyone has a part to play in tackling climate change. Small actions on the ground across the world can really make a big difference to the overall plan of reducing our carbon footprint.

We set up the Y&R Brands Team Green, which is tasked with encouraging our people in the global Y&R Brands network to use energy wisely. We then invested six months getting ourselves organised, developing a network of local and regional climate champions. We now have over 20 regional energy coordinators, who adapt programs to fit the context of their region and culture, and around 180 energy conservation officers who implement these programs at the individual offices.

We have a platform which provides tools to help our local champions hit the ground running. The Y&R Brands intranet, Greenlink, contains “how to” operation manuals for reducing an office’s carbon footprint. We are measuring how the initiatives we have put together are reducing the carbon footprint of Y&R Brands. People also use Greenlink to share ideas and success stories. Some of our best ideas have come from the most unexpected sources, and it’s great to see them being applied more widely.

Lawrence Baxter
Chief Information Officer
Y&R Brands