Managing print

In 2008, we ran a pilot project at the Ogilvy offices in Cabot Square, London, to find ways to reduce the amount of energy used by our printers. These include:

  • Combining copiers, printers and scanners in one device.
  • Removing printers from desks to a central location and minimising the number of printers in use.
  • Implementing default settings to save energy, ink, toner and paper (e.g. double-sided printing and black and white settings).
  • Implementing ‘follow me printing’. This means that print jobs will only be delivered when people go up to the printer and swipe a key card, reducing the number of unwanted print jobs.
  • Introducing software to prevent waste through poor formatting.
  • Reducing waste in procurement of ink, toner and paper.
  • Negotiating recycling arrangements with manufacturers of ink and toner cartridges.

The study showed that if we applied these measures across the Group, this could save 1,000 tonnes of CO2 each year. As well as reducing energy, it also reduces the use of paper, ink and toner and the energy needed for recycling. In 2009, we will implement similar pilot projects across the Group.