Climate change and energy use

Our climate change strategy

We have set a target to reduce our CO2 emissions by 20% by 2010, from 2006 levels. We will achieve this by:

  • Improving the efficiency of our buildings and IT.
  • Purchasing renewable electricity where available.
  • Reducing the number of intra-office flights.

After reducing emissions as much as possible we offset a large proportion of the rest through support for renewable energy projects.

We have established Energy Action Teams in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. These include members of our IT, real estate and procurement functions. Their job is to identify energy-saving measures and provide technical guidance to our agencies on energy reduction.

These teams are supported by a network of climate champions who help to implement energy-saving measures and raise awareness of our climate change program in our companies.

Several WPP companies, such as Grey New York, Y&R, Ogilvy London, JWT London and Finsbury London, have launched their own green initiatives.

On a mission to be green

When Y&R wanted to inspire its people to use less energy, they called on The Green Man, a new environmental superhero. In a campaign developed by an in-house team at Y&R in New York, The Green Man is a seemingly ordinary office employee, so motivated by the issue of climate change that he has made it his personal mission to educate people everywhere to take action.

The Green Man spreads the word that small individual actions really do count. He can be spotted all around the workplace, talking to people on a range of topics from energy consumption to responsible travel: by light switches and printers, in stairwells and washrooms, on reusable mugs and water bottles, and on email tags.

Y&R’s hero is now ‘open source’ within the Y&R network, with local creatives adapting and interpreting The Green Man concept for their offices: he has already been seen encouraging good eco deeds on several continents.