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Case study: WPP and Sanyang Village, Gambia

In 2006, donations from WPP were used to build and stock a library at the Lower Basic School in Sanyang village, Gambia. During 2007, we continued our funding to add more books to its shelves and to enable the school to take on a full-time librarian. With more books, it is now the central library for both the local schools and students, parents and people who want to read.

WPP paid for the installation of lighting and ceiling fans allowing local children and adults to use the library in the evening. The funds were also used to build and equip a children’s internet centre at the school. Finished in November 2007, the centre has 12 workstations, providing internet access for 1,000 pupils. It also offers email and copying services to the surrounding schools and villages.

The school joined the Gardens for Life program run by the Eden Project. This helps children create their own school garden where they can learn about nutrition, science and the environment. WPP paid for two kitchen gardens and a full kit of tools for the children to use to clear the land and set up vegetable beds.

WPP’s contribution has also enabled the regional health clinic at nearby Medina Salaam to buy drugs and to pay the salary of a local nurse for the year.