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Campaign: Fundraising for Angolan children

Fundraising for Angolan children

Client: Save the Children
WPP company: Grey, Copenhagen

Save the Children is a charity working to promote the wellbeing and protection of children in more than 120 countries. It campaigns for the right to food, healthcare, education and security for all young people.

Angola’s 27-year civil war left 500,000 people dead and a generation of orphans. Today 60% of the population is under 18 years old and many Angolans live in extreme poverty. There aren’t enough adults to create the economic and social development the country needs.

Save the Children provides Angolan children with an education, helping them to change their future.

Grey Copenhagen worked pro bono to develop a nationwide campaign to raise awareness of the problems faced by young Angolans and the work done by Save the Children. Using the strapline ‘All children need an adult’ the campaign aimed to raise money and recruit fundraisers across Denmark.

Following the campaign in September 2007, 6,000 fundraisers were recruited and beat all targets raising 7.1 million Kroner (£728,000).