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Campaign: Preventing illegal trafficking

Preventing illegal trafficking

Client: PeunPa Foundation
WPP company: JWT, Thailand

Every year hundreds of millions of plants and animals are sold illegally. The illegal wildlife business is worth billions of dollars and is the second largest illegal trade after narcotics.

Thailand is often used as a transit route for animal smugglers on their way to China, where animals are sold for food, furs, leathers and medicines.

JWT Thailand provided pro bono support to the PeunPa Foundation, an NGO, worth more than $14,000. The Sold Out campaign helped to raise awareness of illegal trafficking in the region and to encourage lobbying against sales of endangered wildlife such as tigers, bears, snakes and tortoises. It included magazine print ads and posters in English and Thai which were displayed at airports.

The campaign generated a lot of publicity and its launch was attended by the Thai Prime Minister and the US Ambassador to Thailand. Sold Out also sparked international media attention and will be extended into 2008.