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Campaign: Fundraising for new forests

Reducing air pollution in China

Client: WWF
WPP company: JWT, Jakarta

In the past two decades, more timber has been exported from Borneo than from Latin America and Africa combined.

JWT Jakarta worked pro bono with WWF to create the website . The site enables people to plant and follow the growth of a tree in Indonesia for US$5.50. Unlike other campaigns that simply encourage one-off donations, the My baby tree project keeps people engaged and involved. Geo-tracking technology allows donors to pinpoint the exact location of their tree and watch it grow via Google Earth.

As well as generating funds for new forests, the campaign educates people about the massive deforestation in Borneo and the impact it has on the country’s wildlife, including the famous orang-utans.

My baby tree won an award at ADFEST for its innovative use of new media and technology. It also won the Green award at Media Spikes 2008 Asia Pacific Advertising Awards Show.