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Campaign: Understanding coeliac disease

Understanding coeliac disease

Client: Fondazione Celiachia
WPP company: Ogilvy, Italy

Coeliac disease is a genetic disease affecting one in a hundred people in Italy. Sufferers cannot eat bread, pasta or pizza – staples of the Italian diet – as the disease is caused by a reaction to gluten protein in wheat. If neglected it can lead to osteoporosis and intestinal cancers.

Fondazione Celiachia (The Foundation for Coeliac Disease) was set up in 2005 to fund research into the disorder. Ogilvy Italy created a pro bono marketing campaign to raise awareness of the Fondazione Celiachia and attract donations for this little-known disease. The Italian word ‘spiga’ or ear of wheat used in the advert, sounds very close to the word ‘sfiga’ or misfortune.