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Campaign: Improving literacy among US children

Client: Ad Council and the Library of Congress
WPP company: The Geppetto Group, New York

The Geppetto Group, WPP’s youth marketing agency, created a pro bono campaign to help the Ad Council and the Library of Congress encourage more young people to read.

Children aged 9-12 years’ old often prefer interests such as sports and video games to books, but research by the National Institute for Literacy shows that reading is key to succeeding at school and in later life. The campaign, ‘Explore New Worlds, Read’, targeted children in grades four to six and aimed to inspire them to read throughout their lives.

Geppetto’s pro bono support was worth $206,185 and included a series of ads based around fictional classics such as The Wizard of Oz and The Chronicles of Narnia .

“Young people who read throughout their lives are not only more knowledgeable, but they are also better citizens and more engaged in the world around them” said Dr James H. Billington, Librarian, Library of Congress.

Improving literacy among US children