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Ethical issues in client work

Sometimes the nature of the clients approaching WPP or the type of work we are asked to undertake on their behalf can give rise to ethical issues. To raise awareness of this risk, the following clauses have been added to WPP’s Code of Business Conduct.

  • We will consider the potential for any new client or new commission from an existing client to have a negative impact on the reputation of WPP or the long-term interests of our share owners.
  • We will not undertake work designed to mislead in any regard.

Risk areas include, but are not restricted to sensitive or controversial products and work in countries subject to sanctions or where government advises against doing business there.

We recognise that some decisions in this area require judgement. Therefore, in cases where there is a potential risk to WPP’s reputation we will elevate the decision first to the most senior person in the relevant office and then to the most senior executive of the WPP business in the country concerned, who will decide if further referral to a WPP director is required.

We are developing appropriate training for our employees.