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Campaign: Bird flu prevention

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Client: UNICEF
WPP company: OgilvyOne, Indonesia

The United Nations Children’s agency UNICEF launched a campaign in Indonesia to raise awareness about avian flu. More than 30 million households in the country own chickens, which are an important part of their livelihoods. This makes eradicating the disease a huge challenge and there have been 105 deaths from the virus in Indonesia since 2006, more than any other country.

OgilvyOne developed a creative communication strategy for the campaign to educate people about the easy steps that can prevent avian flu such as hand-washing and separating new and sick birds from the flock. The message was simple: “It’s in your hands”.

As well as public service announcements, television features, billboard ads and leaflets, a range of community events were used to spread the message. For example, 2,000 village leaders were educated about the dangers of bird flu at a workshop in Makassar, the capital of South Sulawesi. The leaders are now equipped to pass on this critical information to their communities. UNICEF is supplying 50,000 schools with specially developed educational kits using characters from a popular TV series.

The campaign generated 769 media items which reached an audience of over 120 million – half of Indonesia’s total population.