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Campaign: Media launch of the Africa Progress Panel


Client: Africa Progress Panel
WPP company: Hill & Knowlton, London and Berlin

Africa is still blighted by poverty and disease despite the economic and political potential of the continent. The Africa Progress Panel (APP) aims to focus world leaders’ attention on alleviating poverty in Africa and achieving the UN’s Millennium Development Goals. Panel members include Kofi Annan, Tony Blair, Bob Geldof and Michel Camdessus (former head of the IMF).

Hill & Knowlton provided PR support to the APP’s April 2007 press launch in Berlin. This included organising private meetings and public statements from Kofi Annan, German Chancellor Merkel and Tony Blair. H&K secured high-profile interviews with Sky News, CNN, The Financial Times and Der Spiegel, and also produced the Panel’s first public communiqué.

The launch of the APP generated over 200 positive stories worldwide, including the front page of The Guardian the next day. The APP is on its way to establishing itself as an independent and credible organisation. They have been inundated with offers of support and requests for speeches. H&K is continuing its work with the APP, helping them plan the next phase of activity.