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Case study: Energy saving at 33 St John Street, London

In 2007, WPP completed pilot energy reviews of three office buildings in the UK. These showed that we can achieve significant energy reductions by implementing a few simple measures.

One of our pilot studies took place at The Brand Union and BDGworkfutures offices at 33 St John Street, London. Around 150 people work at the building which dates from the early 1980s and has about 27,000 sqft of floor space on five levels.

The review identified opportunities to reduce energy use by making heating, cooling and lighting more efficient. Infra-red controls which automatically turn off lights and ventilation when there is no one in the room were installed. New boiler controls were added to allow operating times to be more accurately monitored and controlled.

These measures are estimated to save around 196,380 kWh and 88 tonnes of CO2 each year, a 21% reduction.

These results indicate that we can make good progress towards our goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 20% by 2010 by improving building controls.