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Other environmental impacts

Paper use

We want our companies to purchase paper with recycled content.

In most of our larger markets, WPP Commercial & Procurement Services identifies preferred paper suppliers which our companies are encouraged to use. Many of our preferred suppliers across our major markets now provide paper and paper products with recycled content. In the UK around 13% of the paper WPP companies purchased from our preferred paper suppliers contained recycled content. In the US the figure is around 14% compared to 8% in 2006.

WPP procurement teams in Australia and Hong Kong have recently signed new paper supply contracts. These agreements focused on cost savings and encouraging greater use of recycled products. WPP companies in Hong Kong have made a commitment for 16% of the paper they purchase to contain a minimum of 50% recycled components.


This year we began to track recycling data through our financial reporting system. This establishes a base line for improvement although we expect the accuracy of this data to improve over time.

Mobile/cell phones 8,140
Computer equipment 97,297
Paper and cardboard 9,674,101
Printer cartridges 40,061
Other waste recycled 244,496
Total recycled 10,064,095

WPP companies make extensive use of mobile technology which is frequently upgraded. During 2007 we introduced Vodafone’s Fonebak Freepost recycling scheme to our offices across Europe. Employees can send their used mobile equipment to Fonebak for re-use and recycling.

We operate a scheme to ensure all obsolete IT equipment from WPP companies worldwide is disposed of in an environmentally-sensitive way.