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Case study: Going green at Grey New York

Going green at Grey New York

Grey New York is leading the charge to make Madison Avenue the greenest street in the city. The agency created the website,, where companies can share ideas and get advice on how to reduce their environmental impacts. The site (shown right) includes a letter from Steve Hardwick, president of Grey New York, which urges ad agencies to work together to go green. Since its launch, several agencies have approached Grey for advice on how to become greener. The site has received press coverage, stimulating debate about how the industry can approach sustainability.

The agency has also set up a green team to get its own house in order. In 2007 the team focused on helping its people to cut their climate impact at work and when commuting. Activities included encouraging employees to walk, carpool, or take public transport to work, setting up a discount program for bike purchases and providing secure bike storage for employees who cycle to work. Grey promotes TransitChek, a plan that gives employees tax benefits for public transport tickets paid through payroll deductions. The agency also invested in data-sharing and teleconferencing systems to reduce the need to travel to meetings, changed standard light bulbs to energy-efficient alternatives and upgraded to Energy Star-rated equipment.