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Case study: Energy initiative at Wunderman London

In 2007 Wunderman London stepped up its efforts to improve its environmental credentials.

  • To tackle its climate impact, the agency signed a contract to be supplied with 100% green electricity. It also ran energy awareness campaigns which included a series of screen savers to highlight how ‘naughty’ it is to waste energy by not turning computers off at night.
  • Instead of sending Christmas cards to clients, Wunderman planted a forest which will be maintained so that it can be enjoyed for years to come.
  • The agency also conducted recycling awareness campaigns which resulted in 72.6 tonnes of paper waste being recycled in 2007, 38% more than in 2006. This saved an equivalent of 884 trees.
  • Wunderman also introduced food recycling and, after four months, 3.3 tonnes of waste was collected and turned into compost for local schools and public gardens.