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WPP’s carbon footprint

  CO2 emmissions (tonnes)
  2006 2007
Office energy use 144,354 (120,032)
Air travel 81,733 92,269
Other 33,913 31,845
Total 260,000 244,146
Average headcount 77,686 84,848

WPP’s energy use (megawatt hours)

  2006 2007
Energy use 297,406 251,685

We report our greenhouse gas emissions to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), a collaboration of institutional investors on the business implication of climate change. This year we participated in the CDP’s Supply Chain Leadership Collaboration at the request of one of our clients.

Having fulfilled our commitment to go carbon neutral, we have set a target to reduce our CO2 emissions by 20% by 2010, from a 2006 baseline.

Our parent company office and 13 of our companies in the UK are supplied with green electricity (from biomass, wind and hydroelectricity). This year we negotiated new contracts in Italy and the UK.

WPP came first in the Sustainable Productivity Seal of Approval’s Climate Change ranking.