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Health and wellbeing

Promoting a healthy workforce benefits our business by increasing productivity and reducing the costs of people taking time off work due to illness.

We have identified two main risks to health and wellbeing associated with office workplaces, where most of our employees are based: stress and ergonomics-related injuries.

Managing stress

Our companies seek to create an environment where people feel able to discuss any issues, including stress, with their manager or human resources department. Our companies also assess the risk of work-related stress through regular staff surveys and by checking issues raised via our Right to Speak helpline, employee assistance programs and during exit interviews.

Some WPP companies have their own programs to tackle stress in the workplace for example:

  • Employee assistance programs – a source of confidential advice, support and counselling.
  • Flexible benefit programs, including subsidised childcare.
  • Flexible work arrangements, enabling people to work part-time or from home.
  • Medical checks and health screening.
  • Training on stress and time management.

Reducing ergonomics-related injuries

Ensuring our workstations follow good practice design reduces problems such as repetitive strain injury or back problems. For example:

  • FITCH Dubai provides each employee with orthopaedic chairs in the office, so that employees are comfortable and correctly positioned at their desks.
  • Grey London carries out workstation assessments and provides specialist chairs for people with back problems.
  • H&K Singapore has LCD screens to reduce strain on the eyes.