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Employee survey

Our companies seek feedback through employee surveys. This helps both the companies and WPP the parent company to understand the views of our people and identify areas for improvement.

During 2007, we conducted a voluntary anonymous online survey of employees working at our major companies in the UK. The survey was sent to 5,163 employees and 1,482 (29%) took part. Participants were asked to give their views on a range of issues such as diversity, training, wellbeing and ethics.



Don’t know
Opportunity and diversity
My company treats all
employees fairly and
without discrimination
77.4 11.8 7.7 3.2
My company encourages
a diverse workplace and
aims to represent all sections
of the community
62.1 21.1 12.8 4.0
Training and development
I have been given enough
training to do my job well
63.6 15.5 21.1 0.7
My performance in my job
is evaluated fairly
63 17.5 15 4.5
I have opportunities for career
development in my company
65.2 16.3 16.1 2.4
Wellbeing and stress
My manager takes an
interest in my wellbeing
80.7 8.5 10.2 0.5
I am able to maintain a
satisfactory balance between
work and personal life
58.1 11.8 29.9 0.3
I am given sufficient support
to manage my workload
57 17.8 24.7 0.3
My company takes its
social and environmental
responsibilities seriously
69.5 15.7 11.4 3.5
I could report unethical
practices in my company
without worrying that my
job would be affected
57.5 21.1 11.4 10

The survey results were encouraging. The strongest responses included:

  • 80.7% of respondents agreed that their manager takes an interest in their wellbeing.
  • 77.4% of respondents agreed that their company treats all employees fairly and without discrimination.
  • 69.5% of respondents felt their company takes its social and environmental responsibilities seriously.

The weaker areas related to work-life-balance and managing workloads and ethics. 57% of people agreed that they are given enough support to manage their workload and 57.5% of respondents felt that they could report what they regarded as unethical practices.

While individual responses are anonymous, we will share the overall data, broken down by individual operating company, with the management of those companies. Many of our operating companies conduct employee satisfaction surveys on a regular basis, which provide on-going measurement of these issues.