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Development and training

Staff training and welfare 2003-2007 £m

WPP is a people business and we aspire to high standards of employment progression and investment in the development of our teams. We offer development opportunities to enable our employees to gain new skills and advance their careers. Our approach includes performance assessment, succession planning and training. Our goal is for our people at all levels to receive regular performance appraisals.

In 2007, we invested £38.6 million (2006: £38.2 million) in training and wellbeing.

Training courses are coordinated at operating company level. These cover all aspects of company business and creative skills. Courses in 2007 included creative, client and personal leadership skills courses. Many companies in the UK are accredited as Investors in People including Banner Corporation, Coley Porter Bell, EWA, Headcount and Ogilvy Healthworld. This is a UK standard of good practice for training and development.